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For bulk analysis of asbestos- or lead-containing materials, contact our in-house laboratory facility.

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Laboratory Analysis of Bulk Lead Samples in BC

Lead is a naturally occurring bluish-grey metal that is soft, malleable, corrosive-resistant, and easily melted, and is highly toxic.  The human body naturally gets rid of lead over time, but it can accumulate faster than the body can get rid of it.  Until the 1980s lead was commonly used in paints and coatings to increase their durability, make colours more vibrant, and help paints dry faster.  Lead-containing paints and coatings are only hazardous when they are disturbed (for example, scraped, sanded, or burned) and release lead dust, mist, or fume, which can be released into the environment and inhaled or ingested by workers and other people.


Lead finishes potentially containing lead are analyzed at our laboratory utilizing a handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer giving results in parts per million (PPM).  Astech's lead analysts are each certified XRF analyzer operators and have a Level 1 X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer Operator Certificate issued by the Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).


For a copy of our chain of custody, click here.

Astech can visit the site to analyze potential lead finishes, or collect and have them analyzed at our in-house laboratory.  We also accept walk-in customers who can drop off bulk samples they have collected.  Please note that we have a mail slot for dropping off bulk samples after regular working hours.


We accept cash, cheque, and debit/credit card.

Turnaround TimeCost per Asbestos Bulk Sample
Standard 3 to 5 Day$30.00 per sample plus GST
Rush 24 Hour$30.00 per sample plus GST
Rush 4 Hour$30.00 per sample plus GST

If you have any questions about sampling procedures or quantities, please call our office.

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