Hazardous Material Surveys

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Pre-purchase Hazardous Material Surveys

Astech has developed a cost-effective survey and report format that includes detailed contractor budgets for the abatement of hazardous building materials, which would occur at some time in the future.  The budget estimates for hazmat abatement provided in the report are intended to satisfy your due diligence and can be utilized to form a key dollar value component in negotiating a typical buy/sell agreement.  Astech’s asbestos materials survey will consist of a comprehensive inspection of accessible areas of the building, as well as the collection of bulk samples of potential materials for analysis at our in-house laboratory.  The survey would concentrate specifically on building materials that may have high dollar value impacts such as interior and exterior floor, wall, and ceiling systems (gypsum board applications, vermiculite insulations, stuccos, acoustic tiles, flooring materials, etc.), mechanical systems, and exterior caulkings and sealants.  These are the potential asbestos containing building materials that depending on laboratory results and our corresponding hazmat abatement budgets will help define budgets for your planned acquisition.

Please contact us for a proposal outlining our services.  Also, any proposed fee schedules should be considered as an upset maximum price.  Should fewer hours or samples be required, the savings will be passed on.  Conversely, should additional hours or samples be required, they will be included at our cost.

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