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Pre-demolition Hazardous Material Surveys

Prior to a building/structure demolition permit application, depending on individual city/district/township, a hazardous building materials report is required.  This report must detail the presence and location of asbestos-containing building materials, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mercury, stored chemicals, and silica.


Astech has developed a cost-effective survey and report format that includes detailed contractor budgets for abatement of hazardous building materials prior to or in conjunction with the demolition of buildings and structures.  Our survey by a qualified person and report format are designed to satisfy the specific requirements of the Workers’ Compensation Board of British Columbia (WCB) Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 20.112. 


The main component of Astech’s pre-demolition hazardous building materials surveys is to sample all fibrated building materials of differing ages of installation and location that the WCB considers asbestos until such time as laboratory analysis determines otherwise.


Proper sampling protocol, which includes collecting adequate quantities of samples from a building, is necessary to assure that abatement requirements are clearly defined so that there are no extras to the abatement contractor’s scope of work, therefore keeping costs and project schedules to a minimum.


Please contact us for a proposal outlining our services. Also, any proposed fee schedules should be considered as an upset maximum price.  Should fewer hours or samples be required, the savings will be passed on. Conversely, should additional hours or samples be required, they will be included at our cost. 

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