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Prior to any renovation or demolition project, the owner/employer must have a “qualified person” conduct a separate survey of all hazardous building materials (including destructive testing) within the subject area(s) of the building(s) in accordance with WCB Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 20.112 and the corresponding guideline G20.112.


Listed below are applicable excerpts from the WCB Occupational Health and Safety Regulation 20.112 regarding pre-project hazardous building material assessments.


Part 20: Construction, Excavation, and Demolition

“Hazardous materials” means a hazardous substance, or material containing a hazardous substance, including:


(a) Asbestos-containing material,

(b) Lead or any other heavy metal, or

(c) Toxic, flammable or explosive material, that may be handled, disturbed or removed in the course of the demolition or salvage of machinery, equipment, a building or a structure, or the renovation of a building or structure;


“Qualified person” means a person who

(a) Has, thorough education and training, knowledge of the management and control of the hazardous materials that the qualified person is made aware of by the employers, and the owner, or that are reasonably foreseeable by the qualified person, as being

    (i) On or in the machinery, equipment, building, or structure that is the subject of the demolition, salvage, or renovation, or

    (ii) At the worksite, and

(b) Has experience in the management and control of those hazardous materials.

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